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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum / maximum quantity for a quote?

The most economical production runs will be in the range of 100 – 1,000+ pieces however we encourage you to connect with us and discuss your needs and goals for your project. We have extensive experience in helping our customers maximize value on small orders and we’ll work with you to ensure you are positioned for growth with us.

What is needed for a quote?

We have the ability to work with all the latest technology and can work directly off of your 3D models or our engineers can assist with bringing hand drawn designs to life. If you have STP files and flat patterns ready to go that’s great but if you’re working off the back of a napkin we’re still here for you.

How quickly can I get parts?

Typical turn around is 2-3 weeks for most standard materials. Secondary operations such as machining, welding, painting, and plating can add some time as well.

What materials do we work with?

Steel (Cold & Hot Rolled / Stainless / Galvanized), Aluminum, Copper are the most common but we’re able to accommodate many materials. If you’ve got something unusual let us know and we’ll find a solution for you.